Printed Circuits Boards:
Quicktronics is bringing Asia to Europe

European Quality, Asian Prices, Lead Time 7-20 wd


Quicktronics is your secured partnership into the Asian market for non-assembled Printed-Circuits Boards in Europe. We provide your wishes and ideas to our suppliers openly to be as soon as possible productive with small or large quantities. Competitive conditions, customer service anytime and modern conditions of productions are assumed as standard for you as customer and buyer of a company.

With Quicktronics you can expect more than that: 16 years of experience in this branch with continuously rising know-how. We speak your language worldwide. With serious and technical support, trusty lead times and attractive prices we take care of you.

Because of our five technology leading partners we have the option to fulfill all your wishes. Every single partner has specialized within a certain technology area like Rigid, Rigid-Flex or flexible PCB.